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The Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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2018 SBC Cycling Challenge

It's That Time Again!  Get yourself and bike ready to continue "The SBC Cycling Challenge". The Cycling Challenge is designed to aid in your cycling fitness and accomplish a hopeful Goal of completing of completing your chosen distance option on the annual CCC Classic Century ride in September.

The full 2018 Challenge schedule is:

  • Sunday, April 29

  • Sunday, June 10

  • Sunday, July 22  

  • Sunday, August 26 

  • Sunday, September 9 (46th Annual CCC Classic Ride)
This year's Challenge leaders are Larry and Vanessa Willmore. Thanks for stepping up, Larry and Vanessa! And kudos  and to Derek and Brigetta Ewing, who developed the Challenge series and led it for several years.  For more information about the Challenge, contact Larry & Vanessa at 494-6880 (mobile) or

Each daily Challenge consists of a century (100 miles) ride with shorter ride options of approximately 25 miles and 50 miles.  The first four challenges are free and totally self supported. 

The Cycling Challenge ends with the signature event of the Sept. 7-9 CCC Weekend, the 46th Annual Classic Capital City Century Ride on Sunday, September 9th. This ultimate challenge features 33-mile half metric, 62-mile metric, 100-mile century, and 125-mile double metric ride options.  

The SBC Cycling Challenge takes you on low traveled roads and through small quiet towns.  Rest stops along the way might be the local mom and pop restaurant or a convenience store.  To help insure that everyone has someone to ride with, there will be groups at all ride levels, and someone riding at the back of the 25-mile group to make sure no one gets left behind,

All riders who complete the series minimum of 3 rides are placed on the SBC Challenge Wall of Fame.  In addition you may receive a Gold, a Silver or a Bronze Award for all of your hard work in achieving your cycling goal.  Your mileage is recorded and a point awarded for each mile. (SBC members' TO and FROM miles can be counted as SBC ride miles but are not counted towards CHALLENGE totals.)

Click to see the 2017 Wall of Fame and the 2016 Wall of Fame.

Award Earned – Points (miles) needed:

Bronze: 125 – 199
Silver:   200 – 374
Gold:    375+

Awards will be distributed at the January 2019 SBC Awards Banquet and can also be received without attending the banquet.