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Ride of the Month

Awarded to the SBC member who has lead the most interesting, adventurous, or even the best culinary event (with a ride involved).  Only weekend and holiday rides are considered. Can be awarded multiple times during the calendar year, but not consecutively.

Almost Anything Award

Fun award given monthly for any noteworthy reason, such as doing a good job, coming to the rescue, or promoting bicycling.

The Ride of the Month and Almost Anything Awards are voted on during the monthly Board meeting. SBC members can make a nomination at the board meeting, or they may give their nomination to any board member before the meeting.  All SBC members attending the board meeting are eligible to vote for the monthly awards.
View Almost Anything Winners

Monthly Ride Leader Incentive Drawing

The ride leader incentive drawing  is to encourage members to volunteer to lead rides and to encourage new ride leaders. Club members who accumulate 3 or more ride leader points during the previous month are eligible for a drawing for a $50 gift certificate redeemable at the bike shop of his/her choice. The drawing is conducted at each month’s board meeting.

In order to give everyone a fair chance, recipients cannot win consecutively and therefore will not be entered into the next month’s drawing.

Ride leader points are described below.

Annual Awards

NoBell Award

This is the club’s most prestigious award, presented each year since 1982 to an individual in recognition of significant contributions in promoting and supporting bicycling with the Springfield community. A committee of the past five award recipients selects the winner from the nominations received from the Club membership. The Award is presented at the Annual Winter Party.
Listing of NoBell award winners

Spinner Awards

The Spinner Awards are presented annually at the SBC Winter Party to high-mileage riders in the following ranges:

  • 10,000 miles + (Spinner Platinum)
  • 7,500 – 9,999 (Spinner Gold)
  • 5,000 – 7,499 (Spinner Silver)
  • 2,500 – 4,999 (Spinner Bronze)

Beginning with calendar year 2013, the award for top mileage rider will be named in honor of long-time SBC member and friend Grover Everett.

Listing of Spinner Award Recipients

Annual Ride Leader Incentive Awards

The goal of the Ride Leader Incentive program is to encourage members to volunteer to lead rides and to encourage new ride leaders. A drawing is held and awards are presented at the winter party in January, based on the previous year.

Ride leaders with 15 or more ride leader points qualify for the drawing.  (Ride leader points are described below.) The name of each eligible ride leader will be put in the hat only once, regardless of how many points the leader has accumulated.  Four winners will be drawn from eligible ride leaders, with each winner receiving a $50 gift certificate redeemable at the bike shop of his/her choice.

Volunteer Incentive Awards

The goal of the Volunteer Incentive Program is to recognize and encourage volunteerism at SBC sponsored or endorsed events. A drawing is held and awards are presented at the Winter Party, based on volunteer hours worked during the past year and  reported to the Incentive Chair.

Eligible events are those for which SBC members are asked to volunteer by an individual designated by the Board for that event. Board members may not report hours for duties related to their board position. For every 5 hours volunteered and reported to the Incentive Chair, the member’s name is placed in the hat for a Holiday Party drawing of four $50 gift certificates, redeemable at the bike shop of the member’s choice. A volunteer’s name can be drawn more than once.


Ride Leader Points

Ride leaders that scout and map a weekend ride are eligible for 3 points. Non-mapped rides, such as a weekday training or EZ ride, will earn 2 ride leader points. A “sweep” designated by the ride leader at the beginning of a weekend ride remains at the back of the group to assist other riders and is eligible for 1 ride leader point.

Points for the ride leader and the sweeper are counted when the ride leader enters the ride using the online entry form.

Ride leaders who plan and scout a route are eligible for points whether or not the ride actually takes place. If the ride is canceled due to weather the leader can claim ride leader points by entering the ride (with no riders) using the online mileage entry form.