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                            SBC Cycling Challenge

                                Derek and Brigetta Ewing, Outgoing Challenge Organizers

Here are the results of the 2017 Cycling Challenge. We had a great turnout again in terms of overall participation. A total of 70 riders qualified for the Wall of Fame, and 62 received a Gold, a Silver, or a Bronze Award. Three rode every mile achieving the ultimate challenge with 543 miles--Rick Haberkorn, Jack Hurley, and Bill Schultz.

We will continue the series in 2018. Larry and Vanessa Willmore have taken over as organizers. Thank you, Larry and Vanessa!

The Cycling Challenge is a series of five events throughout the riding season, designed to aid in your cycling fitness and accomplish the goal of completing your chosen mileage option on the Classic Capital City Century Ride in September. Each daily Challenge consists of a century (100 miles) ride with shorter options of approximately 25 and 50 miles. The first four challenges are totally self-supported.

The 5th & final Challenge event is the Classic CCC Ride on September 9th. All riders who complete the series minimum of 3 rides are placed on the Wall of Fame. Riders may receive a Gold, a Silver or a Bronze Award based on the number of points they submit. Mileage is recorded and a point awarded for each mile.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! This season’s Cycling Challenge begins on April 29, 2018.

For details, visit and click on Cycling Challenge.




Gold (375+ Miles):


Lane Fowler

Darin Aagard

Dee Wise

Steve Casper

Derek Ewing

Rick Haberkorn

Jack Hurley

Bill Schultz



Silver (200-374 Miles)


Sandra Elliott

Elizabeth Huck

Judy Kuhn

Jeff Meyerhoff

Marty Celnick

Tom Clark

Jim Elliott

Larry Willmore

Vanessa Willmore

Ken Miller

Gary Doering

Steve Schroll

Barry Tobias

Larry Stone

Mike Eymann

Robert(Bob) Cramer

Bill Pearse

Andy Brown

Steve Sommer

Scott Bell

Cole Daniels

Rich Saal

Tim Thornberry

Megan Turner

Bette Chesser

Tom Chesser

Marilyn Kirchgesner

Mike Long

Andrew Lister

Silver (cont.)


Mark Kuhn

Trevor Orthmann

Don Daniels

David Kalaskie

Sean Walker

Joe Deen

Tim Kinkelaar



Bronze (125-199 Miles)


Tracey Hurley

Scott Sievers

Bryan Tribble

David Banks

Marilee Cramer

Brigetta Ewing

Deane Kinsel

John Kinsel

Karin Bell

Tony Kolbeck

Mike Vonnahmen

Ross Bregant

Arden Gregory

Troy Gilmore

Libby Shawgo

Kathryn Hanlon

Alicia Bibb

Scott Parker


3+ Challenge Rides:


Becky Smith

Rich Chaput

Mark Rabin

Carolyn Lawrence

Deb Cooper

Ted Sunder

Michelle Rowe

Amy McDaniels