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The Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.

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This Bicentennial Bike Ride is one of a series of events developed under the auspices of the Governor’s Bicentennial Office to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the admission of Illinois to the Union as a state. To commemorate this occasion, Governor Bruce Rauner issued Executive Order 2016-11, which establishes the Office of the Illinois Bicentennial and a new Bicentennial Commission, and states that “the bicentennial is … an opportunity to invite the world to Illinois and to showcase our core assets”.

The Prairie Heritage Ride was originally comprised of the two-day Capital City Century (CCC) Weekend, and a five-day Agricultural History & Tourism Bike Tour, called the "Spoke to Farm Tour". This Bicentennial Bike Ride was to be a seven-day celebration on wheels of many of the core assets that make Illinois the great state that it is. Unfortunately, the Spoke to Farm Tour has been postponed due to lack of participation until some time in 2019.

As the sole remaining partner in the official bicycle ride of the Illinois Bicentennial, Springfield Bicycle Club is carrying out its two-day weekend event as planned, working closely with our host and partner, Illinois Department of Agriculture.

Join us for a weekend of new cycling routes, fun activities and parties that your whole family and friends can enjoy.  
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We are glad to participate in the Bicentennial and to help celebrate Illinois agriculture, which is truly the foundation of Born, Built, and Grown in Illinois!