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The Springfield Bicycle Club (SBC) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote bicycling and to provide a meeting ground for Springfield Illinois area bicyclists.



We know that some folks heard about the 5-day tour that follows CCC Weekend has been cancelled - this is true. Unfortunately, they did not get enough participation in the short time their registration was open and they have postponed the ride until 2019.

Folks are also wondering about how the weather would impact our CCC weekend event with 2 days of riding, our Historic Ride, our celebration of cycling Loops-A-Palooza Festival and our Post Pedalin' Party.

The short answer is that our event is NOT cancelled.  CCC Weekend is On !! 

We have direct ties to the National Weather Service in Lincoln IL, and we have been closely  monitoring the weather. Because of this, we are continuing our half metric 29 mile ride tomorrow (Saturday), however we did not feel we could sufficiently prepare the hilly 33-mile northern loop to our standards.

Our 29 mile ride starts Saturday 10am just up from Gate 11, accessible from Sangamon Ave & 8th Street. A registration pop-up is there by the Dept. of Agriculture building.. That is also where our fantastic 1:00 pm Historic Ride starts. Folks can ride the 29 mile half metric and make it back in for that at 1:00. GET CCC 2018 Saturday Half Metric 29.4 MAP HERE

Our Loops-A-Palooza Fest goes from 5-8pm at The Shed - accessible from the Peoria Road Firehouse Gate (just up from Sangamon Ave) or thru the Main Gate and east (right) on the second road, Illinois Ave. 

Sundays activities start from the Illinois Building, by the main Gate (with the large Abe Lincoln watching over us). Registration is at 6:30 with ride start at 7:00am. We are discouraging the 125 mile ride at this time, but check in with our information guru Scott Sievers there for updated weather and recommendations then.