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Ride Classifications and abbreviations used in the Schedule:

  • NC – Non-Cycling events.
  • MB – Rides suitable for mountain bikes.
  • EZ – For riders who prefer a pace under 10 mph. These are purely social rides. Expect short routes either in town or on a trail and expect to ride as a single group. No one will be left alone at the back of the group and assistance is provided for flats and other minor mechanical problems.
  • D – For novice or recreational riders. Expect to ride at a pace of 10 – 12 mph with rest stops as needed. Expect the ride leader or another club member to stay with the slowest rider and to offer assistance for flats and other minor mechanical problems.
  • C – For competent riders with basic safety and bike handling skills. These rides combine social riding with improving fitness and riding ability. Expect that most riders will ride in groups at a pace of about 12 – 15 mph. There may be rest stops on the route, but they will be limited. Riders are comfortable navigating by map if separated from the group and can handle their own mechanical repairs.
  • B – For strong, experienced riders with considerable group riding experience. Expect the emphasis to be on improving individual stamina and riding skills. Most riders will maintain a pace of 16 – 18 mph and will not feel obligated to wait for slower riders. Pace lines are common. Riders are able to handle their own mechanical repairs and are comfortable navigating by map if separated from the group.
  • A – For extremely strong and competitive riders with expert bike handling skills. Expect riders to be self-sufficient and to maintain speeds of 19+ mph for extended distances using pace lines.