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COVID-19 and Springfield Bicycle Club

Springfield Bicycle Club Member,

Less than 24 hours ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance limiting gatherings to 50 or fewer people for the next eight weeks. Now, the government suggests that number be further reduced. Today, Trump said the 10-person limit should also apply to homes.

In light of that, I’d like to refer to some recent wording from some other cycling clubs that will help us forward in these unprecedented times.

Today, where social distancing is recommended and group gatherings are being discouraged, we do want to encourage everyone to continue riding. However, we are recommending that you avoid group rides and ride solo until public health agencies determine that the COVID-19 virus is no longer a threat to your health.

Churches, schools, restaurants & bars, state parks & historic sites (and even my workplace) are all closing their doors to try to keep the coronavirus pandemic from spreading. In this unprecedented time, we believe it is safest to abstain from group rides as well.

Graham Medley, a professor of infectious disease at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine said, “Instead of thinking about protecting themselves, [people] should pretend they already are infected and are trying to protect others. So most people have a fear of acquiring the virus,” he said. “I think a good way of doing it (preventing the virus spread) is to imagine that you do have the virus, and change your behavior so that you’re not transmitting it.

Let's make an effort to focus on the things we can control, rather than those things we can’t. For us, that means getting out and enjoying the simple pleasures of riding a bike (by yourself).

Effective immediately, the Springfield Bicycle Club will suspend all organized Club rides indefinitely.

Keep riding (solo) and keep washing your hands.


Troy Gilmore

Acting President

Springfield Bicycle Club

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The Springfield Bicycle Club is a 400+ member club based in Springfield, Illinois. Group rides are held year-round and cater to all levels of cyclists. The SBC is THE advocacy group in Springfield Illinois for bicycling. Funds from our annual Capital City Century (CCC) recreational ride (now in its 47th year) have been used for local, state and national bicycling infrastructure and advocacy.
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